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about Us

  • EDS-PV is a photovoltaic system installer which has started its operations in 2018 with the take-over of the team and technical know-how of EDS, a leader of the Tunisian PV market active since 2009.
  • EDS-PV, a subsidiary of the Compto group, a key player of the local MV/LV electricity distribution market, aims to provide cost competitive energy solutions to households and companies in Tunisia.

Why EDS-PV ?


Solar power passion

At EDS-PV, we do our job with passion and always put the quality of our installations and customer service first


The Medium Voltage specialist

With the technical backing of the Compto Group, the MV/LV distribution leader in Tunisia, we are able to provide end-to-end services for PV auto-producers and developers connected to the MV grid


A reliable partner

With more than 30 years of activity in the Tunisian electricity market, the Compto Group is a reliable partner focused on building long-term relationships with it’s clients

Products & services

produit Studies

Installations design, financial analysis and detailed technical studies requested by STEG for Medium Voltage projects

produit Financing

Financing solutions through leasing and support for negotiations with banks

produit Installation & Commissioning

Turn-key PV systems installation (flat roofs, tilted roofs, parking shelters and ground-mounted) including Medium Voltage grid connection

produit Operations & Maintenance

Maintenance and monitoring of PV installations




6 rue du Mercure, Z.I. Ben Arous - 2013 Ben Arous E-mail : contact@eds-pv.com Tél : (+216) 79 396 373 Fax : (+216 ) 71 389 632 / 71 388 161